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written & recorded mostly in montclaire NJ in the guest room between May 1 & May 6


released May 2, 2015



all rights reserved


MUNRO Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: PHIL
when the lights go down
and i hit the first chord
of our encore
i knew i was gonna score

yeah my name is phil,
and she's a good lookin female
and when we meet backstage
gonna say "girl i wanna know yr details"

she's sneaky, i mean stealthy, i mean devious
she looked me in the eyes & blew me a kiss

she said "you're pretty cool phil"
after i struck my chord
"maybe I'll see you around"
but then she stood in the frame of that exit door

and she beckoned with one finger for me to come
hither, to the outside where it was dark

i wanna know what's in that dark corner
i wanna know what's in her dark corners
she put a finger to my lips, unzipped my nature

now she's gotta know what's in my dark corners
sneaky blowjob
now she's gotta know what's in my dark corners
please don't stop
i feel like shit in austin texas
no longer a little kid reading books in my desk
i pet murphy the dog and his sad slow stare
penetrates my heart like cupid's arrow (human error)

hey honey, you're too young to die

every dog has its day uncle bill,
take motrin for the headache chills
i mean saltine crackers and a warm glass of milk
for the whiskey blood filling up my fuckin mouth

hey honey, you're too young to die
i was standing next to this girl at a show in salt lake city
she was writing in her notebook the whole time the first band was playing
i wanted to ask her if she was writing a story --
she'd look up every few minutes, absorbing a
phrase or trick of the light to feed her next sentence.
the page she scribbled on was dark and impractical
i was worried i'd waste the opportunity to say
hi, what ya writing -- is it the great american novel
is the first act soft like this band -- like the guy with the wounded voice
when we talked later, she told me
she liked my song carpet farm:

that's the one about the guilt that arises
from not giving a shit when your lover is talking
about the little things they love it was just a passing moment,
but the best part was not knowing yet
that she was writing a review,
and thought i did an ok job, when we were watching the soft first act,
somehow aware of each other in the silence of standing there.

when your lover is talking about the soft spanish moss
and you try to describe romantic cities on the telephone
we fell out of love because of the way things happen
and change as you grow older when we should have shown up more for each other

that's the way that my garden repeats, an atom in the brain on the eve of its dissolving
that's the way that my garden repeats -- somehow aware of you in your silence & in standing

i'll bow my head i'll be your baby boy a mechanism
i feel so fucking exhausted all of the time so

now the soft first act is drawing to a close --
soft like spanish moss the smell clings to your clothes,
and i'll never know you well SLC lady,
but that's okay with me i hope you write that novel someday
Track Name: DUST
you look like a
serial killer, she said
bought me 3 shots of yeager
nearly put me to bed
wearin' fairy wings
in hot, hot texas
now i'm fairly 'faced
and i'm slurring my subjects
i'll lie to my environment
until my skin turns black
she's got me wrapped around her finger
says "are you any good in the sack?"
but God, I'm not a murderer
the ghost just laughs louder
the closer i get
to leaving this bar

fuck i'm terrified
got in a fight with my friend
yesterday we were ok
now i'm not sure we're still friends
fuck i'm high, i'm electric
as i walk next to him
skin of ocean on these mushrooms
the lights scream "walk on home"

somewhere in the dust the lights collects, it forms our bodies
somewhere in the dust the lights connects, it forms a memory
somewhere in the dust i feel my death, where i'll lose my memory
somewhere in the dust the light collects into my body
somewhere in the dust the light collects into my body