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thanks to the snow


released October 5, 2014

made in the basement in cold springs



all rights reserved


MUNRO Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: when you didn't call me back
when you didn't call me back i was dying to laugh
at the failure on my hands, at the way you said no way jose
when you didn't call me back, i was skinny in the throat
wishing forever i could hide with my porno videos
my will is toast

die my fist so blue with love, die your teeth so white with love
i'm the virgin on the stairs, barely a few seconds left
astronaut's a crucifix; i am married to your moments
help me get myself together with a whisper and a near miss
Track Name: the fluery
faded ex-basement dead poet tongue
i'll keep a cold one in the drawer for when you get home
i'm the love and the spit and the fury
and you're my girl
Track Name: calm now
it's calm now when the color goes out of your eyes and smokes out my virgin lies
she said 'keep it pure' -- i'm not a soapbox or a trophy-tongue, just an angel with an ego
i love my friends, and the smoke is so confusing
so come dance with me and we'll talk about getting clean
and suicide seemed so simple when i was 16 with the tylenol, but it ain't simple
because it's just more talking, trying to fill the god-hole, make something outta yourself
i love my friends, and the smoke is so confusing
so come dance with me and we'll talk about getting clean
so come drink with me in the basement bar where i'll be
Track Name: tv
i watch tv to relax makes my blood heavier whether louie or nurse jacks
i spent the AM comatose and the basement wasn't a dungeon, my teeth weren't stones all my friends are liars, all my friends got fired from the jobs they needed most, money and some holy smoke
im a schemer in the black, and no one's making money no one's saving up for the rat
race is run and the sun is soiled, but i i made an ocean
for the birds i love and her royal blood
and all my friends are liars, all my friends finally got hired from the folks who know what's best, by the writers and their diamond sweat, all those unconscious cigarettes well i'll show you my favorite picture of the one i love -- she's picking flowers in a red sweater
god i hope i can forget her
god i hope i can forget myself and.... i hope everyone in new york freezes to death before the winter melts
Track Name: something in the way she move
My fear of the dark is old, comes from when I was a kid who refused the creepy comfort of a nightlight and insisted on the blaring, lighthouse broadcast of the one in the hall. One day, for reasons I'm not sure of, the hall light bulb was swapped and when next turned on, it glowed dull orange. When night came, and the dark slowly ate up my house, I flipped the hall light switch to keep it at bay and was consumed by fear as the hallway undulated in waves of grotesque orange light. I was up to my chin in blankets staring at the deserted hall for a long time. I listened to my old house set, watched the grays pop thru the sickly orange light. I was scared but could not move. I thought of the late 19th century, of jack the ripper -- I thought, he must have moved through alleys beneath gaslamps in light like this. I waited for the advance of his heavy boot on the stairs of my old house. The seconds dripped by, turned into ages. There wasn't a human sound, only the creak of the old house. I slipped out from under the blankets and entered the hall. It was colder there, but less scary somehow. I switched off the ghoulish orange light, and suddenly it was very dark. I saw a blue imprint where the glowing bulb had been. I saw a face in the dark, a top hat, bad teeth, bad breath & greasy hair… I gasped and turned the light back on. There was no man. I WENT TO BED AND STARED AT THE HALLWAY FOR A LONG TIME.
In the morning it was time for school, the birds woke me up. 6:45 was blue, pre-sun comfort. I was still.